About Our Driving School

Meet Our Driver Ed Team

Mr. Barry Bissell

In 2007 my wife, Stacia, and I decided to start Right Way. I have been involved with driver education since 1989. I enjoy the classroom and have had some great times teaching students the rules of the road. You will enjoy Right Way!

Mrs. Stacia Bissell

My husband, Barry, an already-certified driver education instructor, asked me what I thought about starting a driving school. Having three children at the time (ranging from eight years to six months), I hadn't really thought too much about driver ed since I had taken it a LONG time ago. I have been a behind-the-wheel instructor since 2008, and I absolutely love it! Meeting the different students and finding ways to help them with the driving skills that are most challenging for them has been my highlight. Since I also run Right Way, I will echo Barry's statement saying that you will enjoy our program!