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For over 13 years we have provided excellent driver education throughout Iowa.

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Iowa Teen Driver Resources

Driving Lessons Explained

Evaluation Driving Lesson - The Evaluation Driving Lesson allows for assessment of your son or daughter's readiness for all the driving lessons.  You may choose to have us teach this lesson or you may teach it.

Final Driving Lesson - State requires 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons. Our program has been state approved to allow parents to teach all driving lessons but the last one.  This drive is called the Final Driving Lesson and must be taught by one of our certified driving instructors. This lesson serves to decide whether the student has passed or failed the behind-the-wheel driving portion of the course by testing them through all driving levels. If they pass, their driver education certificate is released to the DOT. If they fail, another Final Driving Lesson must be scheduled.

Other Four Driving Lessons - Downtown, Parking, Highway, and Interstate Driving Lessons are as titled. More detailed information to each driving lesson will be emailed to you upon completion of registration.

Driver Education Certificate

Explains how to complete the process from needing school permit to receiving license through certificate of completion being uploaded to the DOT website.


Driving Waiver - All Regions

Explains why the driving waiver is required.  This waiver must be submitted at the time of registration.

Iowa Driving Manual

Policy Statement - All Regions

Explains all expectations for in-classroom and behind-the-wheel time.

Winter Weather Driving Explained - All Regions

Explains how winter weather conditions are handled for classroom and drive time.

Winter Weather Driving Waiver - All Regions

Explains why the winter driver waiver is required.  This waiver must be submitted at the time of registration.


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