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Meet the Right Way Staff

Mr. Barry Bissell

In 2007 my wife, Stacia, and I decided to start Right Way. I have been involved with driver education since 1989. I enjoy the classroom and have had some great times teaching students the rules of the road. You will enjoy Right Way!

Mrs. Stacia Bissell

My husband, Barry, an already-certified driver education instructor, asked me what I thought about starting Right Way. Having three children at the time ranging from 8 years to 6 months, I hadn't really thought too much about driver ed since I had taken it a LONG time ago. I have been a behind-the-wheel instructor since 2008, and I absolutely love it! Meeting the different students and finding ways to help them with the driving area that is most challenging for them has been my highlight. Since I also run Right Way, I will echo Barry's statement saying that you will enjoy our program!

Mr. Corey Coates

Mr Corey Coates

"How on earth can you do this!"   A comment a majority of us BTW instructors have heard.  Here is my answer, "Why not!"  I love the challenge that teaching offers whether in my classroom at West Delaware, on the football field coaching the Hawks, or in the Right Way car.  The company, the people, and of course the students make this a fulfilling job!

Mr. Craig Foote

Mr Craig Foote

I am passionate about teaching driver education, and believe that Right Way provides an excellent course of study for students to improve and master important driving skills.

Mr. Jeff Sabin

Mr Jeff Sabin

My name is Jeff Sabin.  I have been with Right Way Driver Education since the spring of 2011.  I am both a classroom instructor and a behind the wheel instructor.  My favorite drives are the highway drive and the interstate drive.  I also really enjoy answering student’s questions that arise during the classroom portion.  During the school year, I teach Math at Cedar Rapids Metro High School.

Mr. Joe Werling

Mr Joe Werling

I have been a driving instructor with Right Way Driver Education since 2010. I love the challenge of teaching students how to drive! My favorite part of behind the wheel is teaching the students how to parallel park. I always explain to them that my wife still will not parallel park and chooses to drive around the block for an hour to avoid it, so this is a very important lesson! The interaction between the students is awesome! Driver's education is truly a new adventure and milestone for the students and I am so glad to be a part of their success!

Right Way Driver Education, Inc., was founded in 2007 by Barry and Stacia Bissell out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The company started due to a desire to provide driver education services to our community with a focus on excellent presentation and delivery of vital driver ed fundamentals while working alongside parents, friends, and guardians to create a driving schedule that was a blessing to all and not an added burden. Being able to know of special accommodations needing to be made for an individual student in the classroom or in the car has been and will continue to be of our highest focus. We will put forth all efforts available to us to see that your son or daughter's driver ed experience is one of educational understanding and awareness as well as a fun and challenging experience.

Having grown from two owners and one location to approximately 20 employees and seven locations, we are affirmed that what we do and how we do it is a blessing to all communities. This growth came from word-of-mouth referrals from parents, students, and employees who have either taken one of our courses or provided instruction in the classroom and/or behind the wheel. All of us who work with Right Way and with our communities count it a blessing to serve in this manner!

We are committed to continuing to provide driver education services wherever there is a community in need of help. Please take the time to meet our team as they will be the ones who will not only instruct your son or daughter but who will also take the time to meet and encourage them along the way. They are great people!

Thank you for considering Right Way Driver Education! We appreciate your time and greatly appreciate your business whether it be your first child or your fourth!


Barry and Stacia Bissell